Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Better When We're Together

2013 will end the same as it began- in the company of precious friends. Dinner, champagne, the clock ticking down the final seconds, the midnight embrace- all rituals I cherish. Taking stock of the year gone by and anticipating the new dawn allows me to reflect on the blessings of my family and friends. As the song says “It’s always better when we’re together.”
I have shared all of life’s strength and fragility with you. We’ve been together for the joy and wonder of anniversaries, weddings, and babies and also for the sadness and heartache of saying goodbye.  We’ve shared books and played mah jongg. We have read the Hagaddah, watched the fireworks, blew out the birthday candles, given thanks for our bounty, and remembered the miracles. We have watched bowl games and tournaments. We saw Kobe fall, the Dodgers rise, and the Bell remain with the Bruins. We have cooked, studied, exercised and blogged.  We’ve been fascinated by the Crawleys, challenged by Walter White, and handled it just like Olivia Pope. Together we’ve supported causes both global and in our own neighborhoods. We’ve traveled together and separately, and through the magic of the digital age shared our photos and stories instantly. We’ve delighted in our children’s accomplishments and shared the successes that our village created.

As the days and weeks become months and seasons , the New Year arrives with fresh promise. I look forward to a year of growth and giving, exploration and excitement. I look forward to a year made even better because we’re together.

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